Cooking with Mrs. Appeltaart

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I love little pancakes,
they are perfect,
for family breakfasts
for friends who have spent the night
and have a little hangover!

This recipe is from Nigella,
our domestic Goddess,
with the body
Marilyn Monroe
the appetite
The Incredible Hulk


5 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

Yum... I made chocolate berry pancakes for fathers day a couple of months ago, went down a storm in our house! The recipe is on my blog, have a try x

janrot zei

Love pancakes
Love Nigella
Love you!


Daan zei

oooo, proest, dan was dus Daan ;-)

Daan loves Guusje!

Dina zei

I love Nigella!!!

I must admit that the first time I saw her I didn't but after seeing her nigella bites series and nigella xmas I've soooo changed my mind.

Marjolijn zei

Hi hi, moest lachen om 'Jan's' berichtje! Dacht nog: 'sssoooohhh :)'

Nigella rules
Pancakes rules
een mooi Delftsje rules even more!