Deep down in the forest
somewhere in Sweden,
lives a beautiful girl
looking just like Snow White.

The girl has a very special gift.
She makes little sparkles of happiness
find their way home to children
who can use a twinkle or two.

This gift is so rewarding,
that once in a while,
the girl, looking just like Snow White,
forgets that she needs a sparkle extra too.

Of course she could use one of her pot of twinkles.
But that doesn't count, does it?
Her very perfect sparkles,
need some stirring up!

Deep down in a nest of cities
near a beach in Holland,
lives a girl with a gift.
The gift of bend the rules a bit,
but sure still cute enough!

So she will sent the girl,
a little redhead rebel.
Her very own Twinkle
safely on her chest,
so her mummy,
who is just a sweet as Snow White,
will never ever loose her.

Thank you, Juultje
For having a lovely weekend

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Anoniem zei


Unknown zei

wat een poppetje :) serieus: ze is sprookjesachtig!

Sandra zei

ze is een schatje!

twink zei

ook van twink een groetje
het was leuk en je popje is zoo lief gr twink

Guusje zei

The doll lady told me, she doesn't have a doll!!!!

Juliane | Fröken Skicklig zei

Oh, Guusje, maybe you thought I looked like Snow White because I forgot to put some rouge on my winter pale face... But now I am blushing ;-)

And it is true, very few dolls at our home, tiny ones (like your little seedling) and two old ones I made when I was a child. So my vintage doll prams are empty...

Sending you a very warm hug from Berlin, maybe a coffee&phone later?

Guusje zei

Will do!


Such a sweet idea! Loads of hugs


Anoniem zei

Wat lief!


Heidi Margit zei

Bending the rules Rules!

Dees zei

ohhhh dat is lief♥wat een mooi gebaar!!!xoxo
Pssst...dank voor je lieve berichtje!

Kenza zei


Bree zei

zoooow lief!

Sandii Zachte zei

Ach wat lief, en wat een mooi verhaaltje ook!

Knofje zei