You know these sunny sunshines in old children's books?
The ones that always make you smile?
The ones that fill your heart with yellow?
I am staring one in the face all day long!
A splash of yellow there,
some orange here....
Really, it totally works uplifting.
The sun makes one happy.
A real 'pick me up'.

Soon, you will find my very best 'Sunny Sunshines' in shop.
In the meantime, i'll keep printing.

9 opmerkingen:

Barbaramama zei

Wat heerlijk zonnig Guusje!
Keep on printing the sun!

Daan zei

lekker zonnetje Guus, hartverwarmend!


That is the sunshine we are looking foreward to having all weekend!

This is so cute!!!

XX nina

Kenza zei

oh! so much joy! just like you Guusje full of sunshine! Thank you my dear and have a lovely week end!

Marjolijn zei

Oehhh dat is een heel mooi en lekker 's zomers zonnetje Guus!
Heerlijk die donderdagavondjes!

kus voor jullie!

Patricia zei

This sunnyshine makes me smile!

Sunny happy weekend xo

mamaayanna zei

ooooohhh keep in printing!

Daan (Dan) zei


you're inspiring me to go & find a screen printing course around here, girl...

Martine zei

Wauw Guusje, die vind ik echt heel supermooi! Geniet erg van je werk... :)