Corner View: The Miracle Garden

We have a miracle in our garden.
Of course a garden is all about miracles,
mother earth's beauty and garden gnomes.
But this is a special miracle.
The one from the fastest growing tree alive.
Or at least, one of the fastest.
Just before we left to live in England.
I wondered around in a garden centre
thinking it would be nice to have a small tree in our garden patio.
Me, not the 'greenfinger' type
liked the silver green leaves of this baby tree!
'I'll adopt this poor tiny one!
It sure will be happy in my garden'.

Oh boy.
After a year of absence we came back to cut a bit back in our patio.
My Lord, who gave this tree his DNA???
The miracle happened and the neighbors where worried.
The thing could easily collapse.
So every autumn, 'we' get up the ladder
(you know 'we' is of course not me, I give directions)
and make sure 'Thing' is not too tall.

Blessed by the unknown,
Thing is our very treasured beauty.
Thing is making our little extension (you see the doors and glass roof above)
a lot greener and happier.
Thing is my friend.

I wish we could have a Garden Koala,
maybe I should go back to the garden centre,
If you ask, I'm sure they will bring one in this greedy world!

And this little baby,
the one with the support,
she will win the sunflower contest.
The tallest beauty around.
I'll bet you!

19 opmerkingen:

Juliane | Fröken Skicklig zei

In July I will come and have a cup of coffee under this tree, watching that sunflower dancing in a summer breeze (she invited herself, knowing that Mrs Appeltaart wouldn´t say no ;-)

Kisses from Berlin, Juultje

Janina Modaal zei

Amai, dat is inderdaad een wonder!
Wat een vruchtbare grond moet dat daar zijn :).
Veel plezier onder je wonderboom!

Bree zei


and the leaves trough that glassroof must be suberbe!

happy day sweetie!

Kenza zei

oh! I love your magical garden!

anna zei

whaa enorm..wat zullen jullie opgekeken hebben! Heerlijk zo'n echte eigen boom.

(Ps heb je gezien dat ik je een testmailtje gestuurd heb?)

Ma life à moi zei

It's a kind of magic!

Juniper zei

What a nice THING that tree is! My my! Hmmm feel free to send any similar seeds to Malta please!
Sunflower plants are such a treat to grow! Your photo of their tender beginnings is very nice.

shayndel zei

And good luck with your sunflowers too:)

Marjolijn zei

Yay! For Thing
(and the sunflowers, mine are still waiting to go outside...)

Kissss for today!

Isabelle zei

beautiful tree in your miracle garden ...

wendela zei

and i'm coming to have a look at thing in a few days. think it will have grown any taller by then?


Anoniem zei

Wauw wat is het voor een boom?
Zo 1 wil ik ook in mijn tuin
gr. mirjam

Joyce zei

Beautiful! I have my fingers cross for the contest. She is off to a good start. xo

Guusje zei

It's a Eucalyptus!!!

likeschocolate zei

What an amazing tree! I also like twinkle.


Oh this is a miracle! What a great story about a small tree bringing "fear" and joy....

Grietje zei

Das ècht goede grond bij jullie, wat een joepert zeg!
Veel succes met je zonnebloemen, met zo'n goede verzorging....moet je haast wel gaan winnen.


;) zei

What a "tree" story ! You're right, all gardens are miracles.

Janis zei

Looking forward to giant sunflowers too!