Corner View: Blisssssssssss ♥

I'm in total bliss,
seeing our house coming together.

I'll share a few with you.

My collector son saw me folding birds.
Guess what his question was?

He wished for a whole rainbow.

I think he has a good taste,
I know the ceiling will be completely filled with origami bliss-ness soon.

This is our renewed bedroom.
The curtains bring a happy, color full note in all this white.

When I saw this wrapping paper on Jurrianne's blog designed by Sanna Annukka,
there was only one thing I could think of....
Perfect for our bedroom,
we will have a ceiling full of bliss full things too!

And last in this post,
last weekend we had a gathering with lots.
There was a fairy with little gifts in her dress.
The boys stayed home with Dad,
so I chose for them.

For Kiefer I chose a soft gift.
When we came home,
he opened his gift.
How wonderfull this turned out.
A lovely wool felt envelope with a golden stone!

Totally blisssssss.

23 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

I want also a hole rainbow. Beautiful!

Barbaramama zei

Leuke corner view Guus!
En wat een prachtig kadootje heb je voor je liefje gegrabbeld!

Dina zei

Very beautiful rainbow.

shayndel zei

blissful post,
I love your origami interiors

jane zei

yes! this is total blissss! blissful hugs!

jane zei

p.s. i´m using your play dough recipe in my english class today. thank you!

Kenza zei

oh yes! wonderful! dreamlike!

likeschocolate zei

You just gave me a good idea of something to do with my boys this summer. LOve the cranes. Have a wonderful week!

Sandra zei

I think your home look pretty blissful

Cate zei

i love your son's room. it is full of love, and yes, bliss. he has exquisite taste. happy home warming.

Daan zei

Blisssssss indeed!

onegoldensun zei

I love the origami collection, and the wonderful fabrics! What a nice room, very fun.

Isabelle zei

both bedrooms look great ... I am an origami lover too !!

Janis zei

The origami cranes - peaceful symbol in folded paper. beautiful...

Samantha Tara zei

Beautiful my dear!! (:
We also fill our ceilings with beautiful origami creations (:
I am loving your house ~ very inspiring! It must be so fun..

Grietje zei

Dat is idd heel mooi papier voor origami en de gordijnen op jouw slaapkamer vind ik errug wijs!

Lieve groet,

Ian zei

I think you have good taste too, and your origami is superb.

Yanyan zei

It looks WONDERFUL. Beautiful!!!

Theresa zei


anna zei

Wat mooi allemaal!

ps Had je mijn mailtje nog gehad? Mail gewoon terug op je eigen tijd hoor, maar dan weet ik even of de mail het goed doet.

Palmer and Co zei

The house looks amazing! LOVE the rainbow birds!

Annelyse zei

ik heb er nooit bij stilgestaan dat origami zo schoon kon zijn

Miriam zei

I fall in love with origami balls. Would you please tell me how to fold them? I would be so happy.

Best wishes from Berlin,