A day at the beach; the screen print

A day by the sea....

Magic buttons holding the stars and the sun.
Little bird flew out of his cage to stretch his wings.
If you can't go to the sand yourself,
the ocean must come to see you!

50 by 70 cm
Background circles (position and colors can vary in each print!)
But I always will use sky blue and white partly mixed.
Light grey.

heavy quality off white paper
limited edition



5 opmerkingen:

Helmi zei

Mooi! Erg mooi gemaakt.
Groet, Helmi



XX Nina

P.S. The bugs are funny to watch, only if I push the lawn mower they attack me - that's true...

Ketting van geluk zei

Echt heel mooi. Volg je al een tijdje, dit vind ik de mooiste van allen. Goed gedaan!

gardenmama zei

you have such a gift, your prints are gorgeous! xo

Guusje zei

Thank you all, for your kind comments on this print and making of.... Thank you ♥