A day at the beach

When I design,
I usually have someone in mind,
who inspires me to make what I make.
I know in the big picture it is not much at all,
but for me,
it is a way of coping with life stuff.
Sometimes I'm just not good in words.

Girlfriends was made with Kelly in mind.
The fragility of life,
to honor what's closest around us.
That is why the Girlfriends are my give-away.

The little lion was made for my little nephew,
he was in hospital with serious burns.
Thankfully he's now dancing the ChaChaCha again
and will fully recover.

This print, or what you now see is the paper cut,
is made with a dear friend in mind,
who has been ill for a while.
She is longing for some fresh air in body, mind and spirit.
We all know this kind of healing breeze can be found at sea.

So dear Marjolijn,
I'll bring you your day at the beach,
when the three of us sip our cup of tea!

All my love,

14 opmerkingen:

Isabelle zei

poetic and refreshing, I love it !!


You are a sweetheart! Your creativity is truly beyond words!

XX Nina

Roos zei

Wow... zucht... mooi!

Renske zei

wat verBEELD je dat toch weer prachtig! Lief Guus, héél lief x

anna zei

dat idee maakt ze nog mooier!

jurianne zei

Guusje, I am sure that this kind of energy/attention - putting love and good wishes in an artwork with someone special in mind - will be felt! Looking at it on your blog is already healing...

Noni zei

Beautiful :)

wietske zei

mooi Guusje! wat een prachtige eenvoud waarin jij zo'n treffende sfeer kunt neerzetten.

Martine zei


Onnemeis zei

Wat puur en mooi.

jane zei

it is exactly that. your prints just get better and better:)

Daan zei

Mooi en Lief!!

Marjolijn zei

And Marjolijn says:

I love you too...


Juniper zei

What a wonderful heartfelt post! I love that you think of different people when you start to work on a screen print, and I long to go back and look slowly again at each of your prints. Thank you for sharing my friend, I miss you and hope we can meet soon.