Magical series

In the middle of the night,
I heard a little bell ringing.

Where was it coming from?
And what was I to do?

I opened every door in the house,
looked in all the beds...
nothing peculiar could be found.

I went up the stairs
and had a peek in my studio.
From the corner of my eye,
I saw a tiny little Tinker,
spraying magical dust
all over my screens.

The wooden floor squeaked,
little Tinker flew out of the window.

When finally the dust settled down,
I could see what she had done.
She'd taken my screen and printed
with pewter, grey and golds....

What a magical thing to do.
Now in store,
thanks to Little Tinker,

14 opmerkingen:

janrot zei

weehooo, you're magical, dearie!!


janrot zei

o het was Daan, wederom achter de appel van Jan, hahahaha

Renee zei

so cute :)


This is so sweet and the stories as well!

May Tinkerbell pay you a visit again from time to time!


Helmi zei

Knap gemaakt hoor.
grt. Helmi

Janis zei

Oh this is so beautiful, all of it, everything, words and images!!!

joo-expo zei

het lijkt wel toveren met tederheid!

Kenza zei

They are wonderful!

Unknown zei

C'est très beau !

Mlle Paradis zei

gorgeous prints and what a sweet story! love the colors.

likeschocolate zei

Love these! Have a happy week!

Lovely World zei

These are so darling, and what a sweet little story!

molly zei

Your work is beyond lovely. Not sure how I stumbled over here, but oh, what luck.

eleni zei

Stories and images... magical!!