Corner View: From where I sit.....

I see a beautiful proud child in front of me,
who requested for a special day off from school.

Things to do on this 'make your own' morning according to Kiefer:

Bring baby brother to pre school
waving him goodbye
knowing you don't have to go.

Choose popsicles in our organic supermarket
and eat one straight away.

Sit on the sofa with your very special blanket and watch
Charlie and the chocolate factory.

Have baby pancakes for lunch with little brother

play outside with little brother

and have his favorite meal tonight:
little organic sausages
spelt pasta with fresh pesto

dessert will be strawberries and raspberries

Who I am to refuse on his very special day, right?

18 opmerkingen:

jane zei

:) :) :) :)

pien zei

can we come over?

Knoopjes zei

Everybody needs his own special-day once and a while! Enjoy!

Daniela (Dan) zei

you soppy moo...
but yes, sounds pretty perfect in my ears...

hope you all enjoyed it!!

Jolijn Design zei

Helemaal goed! Veel plezier! ;-)

kenza zei

I love it!

sandra zei

ik wil ook zo'n speciale dag....

Lollipop zei

what a beautiful view!
what a perfect day!

tikje wit zei

Beautiful picture;
beautiful day; Enjoy you all!

Francesca zei

He's got his priorities right!


What a great day for a little man!

XX Nina

Cabrizette zei

oh, funny boy !!! Lot's of happiness here !!! Thanks ; )

anna zei

Hij boft maar met zo'n mama!

Earth Mama zei

Oh that sounds like a fine day! A request for some good fun should never be turned down..even for school.


Don zei

Good, good, good!

Grietje zei

Wat een heerlijkheid zo'n dagje ^-^

Martine zei

Super :)

kamielandodille@hotmail.com zei