The Magic Universe

Watching the sky,
from under your tree,
what is it, that you see?

I see houses made of hand carved stones,
wished for by kings and queens.
I see golden trees floating by,
would that be the nightingale's dream?

I see dreams and wishes from all over the world.
From the rich and poor,
from the little and big,
from me and you.

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'The Magic Universe'

5 opmerkingen:

Francesca zei

sweet poem and magic print!

Juniper zei

Oh I like them!! Especially the second print. Wonderful whimsical words to match. A joy as ever finding your beauty in this internet space.

Maia zei

Fabulous!! You need to make a children's book.

alliot + iza zei

What a lovely poem and beautiful print!
Thanks for dropping by our blog the other day :)

liset zei

Perfect! Tekst en beeld! Perfect!