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We love this shape or origami stars,
they remind us of the beautiful home birth of Roemer.

Just after midnight,
Roemer arrived in total peace.
Full moon and candle light,
healthy and blessed.
Pure magic.

After his first mother's milk,
it was time for him to meet our midwife.
she took a measuring tape out of her bag
and gently measured his lovely little body.
When she was done
she folded a tiny little star,
for us to keep.
How cool is that?

These origami stars are so easy to make,
you can do this any time of the day.

You will need:

beautiful paper (I used Japanese paper in midnight blue with bleached dots)
scissors or scalpel/cutting board
beautiful thread (I used thin gold thread)
a thin needle

1. cut strips of paper,
various widths will be various sizes stars

2. make a knot

3. make it tight, but don't go over the folding line with your fingers.
this will need to stay a bit puffy.

4. Fold the beginning of the paper back.
You will see which way it should tucked in.

5. Start to wrap the strip around and around and around.
The strip will lead you to the right side.

6. Tuck the end in the star.

7. With the end of your thumb,
gently push to puff up a side.

8. continue to do so.

9. Make lots!

10. Put on a beautiful thread with a thin needle.

Have fun!

26 opmerkingen:


What a sweet idea and what a great birth reminder!

XX Nina

Kenza zei

Oh thank you for this! And what a lovely lovely story of his birth... I am really touched to tears. Thank you.

Jolanda zei

Oh,wat mooi en bijzonder. Heel erg bedankt voor het delen van zo'n prachtig geboorteverhaal.

Marjolijn zei

Mmmmm so sweet!

Sterretjes voor kleine mensjes, ik ga ze proberen en schenken aan mijn kleine mensjes :)


april zei

dear guusje, remembers me the water births of my sons. also with candle light and in magic peace. i didn't received a star, but the most delicious apple cake ever. thanks so much for the tutorial. will try it tomorrow. have a sunny week*

Grietje zei

Heel erg leuk Guusje, ik ga ze zeker een keer maken!


The Muse of The Day zei

Your son will love to hear that story over and over again. I am sure that stars will hold a special place in your family forever. I am grateful for the tutorial and will try it out. Do I remember seeing another 3D origami banner or mobil in your past posts? I am off to check.

The Muse of The Day zei

Yes, it is the post on 9/5/10. I would love to know how to make those as well. They are all lovely.

whitney zei

these are so neat. i can't wait to make some!

gardenmama zei

I love this so very much!
What beautiful words you have shared surrounding your birth!
The paper you used is gorgeous! Love to you! xo

Guusje zei

The problem is with the origami from 9/5/10 that they are so much more complicated. 1 origami ball is made out of 12 pieces. I don't think pictures will do. I would advise a origami book for that one, of you tube, or, like me, move to a house with Japanese neighbors.....

x g

Emil und die großen Schwestern zei

Beautiful blog, inspiring images, nice ideas.......great! Éva

Anoniem zei

Brillant !!! I'll try... Thanks ; )

Wien zei

Hee Guusje, vind het zulke mooie sterretjes, dat ik meteen ben gaan vouwen. Maar twee pogingen mislukten reeds ;)Poging 3 komt er aan.

onegoldensun zei

Beautiful! What a sweet gesture from your midwife. That is really wonderful, thank you for sharing!

Juniper zei

Very sweet string of stars, they do make me think of Roemer!

Wien zei

Ik heb inmiddels dikker papier gebruikt en dat ging goed :)(zelfs een meetlint om te oefenen, erg mooi verhaal over de geboorte van je zoon!)

wijeisenijs zei

Hoi Guusje, die ga ik zeker ook een keer maken! Ik lees je blog al een tijdje, en zat er vandaag even door te scrollen en zag opeens een wel heel bekende foto.
We wonen in dezelfde stad volgens mij!
Maakt mij meteen nieuwsgierig waar jij je screenprints maakt. ik heb het afgelopen jaar op de TU gedaan, omdat de VAK al vol zat. Zit jij dan misschien bij de VAK?

Lollipop zei


jurianne zei

Wat liiieeeef, die sterretjes, die slingers en die warme herinnering! Ik wou dat ik mijn Deense papiersterren zo duidelijk kon uitleggen, heb ooit 2weken zitten zweten tot het eindelijk lukte en daarna tijdelijk helemaal verslaafd geraakt. Sterren vouwen: meditatie!
Oh ja, en hoera voor lieve thuisvroedvrouwen!

Trula zei

Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Ariella zei

this is so sweet and pretty. thank you for this tutorial!

Francesca zei

What a beautiful garland, and beautiful memory.

Isabelle zei

lovely ... and thanks for the recipe above it looks so delicious ...

Bohème Circus zei

oOh thank you for this tutorial; I love very much the garlands

Joyti zei

How very, very pretty! I think I will make some.