How to make a shapeless fun dress

Daan & I were talking home made dresses this morning.

I'll share my 'Big Cheat dress' with you all.
For the ones who actually can't sew.
(like me!!!)

This is the front

This is the back

First of all,
Go and find yourself two similar cot sheets.
Mine, for instance, have these nice frills to them.
You can have embroidered ones,
colored ones, whatever you like.

Prewash and Iron them.
I screen printed mine of course, no surprise there.
I sewed the sides together,
stop for room for armpits.
I made a little A-line.

Then I made the upper part.
If you look carefully at the first picture,
you see exactly what I did.

I decided how wide the upper front had to be by holding one sheet in front of me.
I ironed some folds and sewed
(I don't do needles/ patterns or any other professional things)

The backside I did almost nothing,
I just pulled a cord through the already exciting end.
And made, just like the front,
a little a line.

You do see what I mean?
(I probably won't be asked to become a teacher in this life, sorry !)

If you put your dress on, you will see that it doesn't make any sense in front.
That's when I understood why these little breast lines come in.
So I made those too.
You can see one under my hand (click to enlarge).
I think it's 6 cm long.
(The top photo shows them as well)

Make a little pocket or not.
and after a whole day wearing,
you will look like this if you look in the glass shed door:
(I know for sure, it looks better 3 D)

Great for nighttime too,
if you are not brave enough to walk around in a shapeless cheat sheet dress!

The best part about this dress is it will take no effort at all to make,
because you don't have to worry at all about the inside.
You will recycle the beautiful stitches made in,
hopefully not the worst,
sweatshops around the world.

One of my neighbors made a compliment about my dress.
I didn't even tell her I made it myself.
So go on,
find yourself the most beautiful bed linen in your closet,
before your toddler pukes on it!

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Daan zei

precies wat ik deed.

Unknown zei

Gave jurk! En bedankt voor de uitleg! Ben ook niet zo'n naaister dus dit moet mij wel lukken... hoop ik! :)

Helmi zei

Dat lijkt me een heerlijk luchtig jurkje, precies goed voor 'n 30+ zomer.
grt. Helmi

And So I Whisper zei

This is so beautiful!

And So I Whisper zei

This is so beautiful!

inaluxe zei

guusje - it's awesome! I love it. And your descriptions (as always) make my day! I haven't touched my sewing machine for a long long time - I might pull it out soon. xo hugs! K.

Juniper zei

Very nice my dear!!! Looks so cool and comfortable too!

Kickcan & Conkers zei

this is great!

Daan (Dan) zei

yeeeeesss!!!! I think i might give this a go!!!!

Marjolijn zei

Yep! Met printjes!

Gaaf jurkie!
Ook proberen: een hemdje overtrekken/knippen ;) wat langer door laten lopen in een beetje een a-lijntje, zoompje onder (of niet, bij net als jouw jurkje mooie versierseltjes) zoompje voor de armsgaten en de rug en hals...ook zo klaar!

-x- en Pops...hi hi, wat een heerlijkje, uit respect voor haar grote broer! x je ook voor het kleinste mooie Delftsje!
werkt ook perfect!

Bree zei

jap. dat zijn ze.

Martine zei


Jikkes zei

Ik vind het jurkje echt zo COOL!!!

Echt heel mooi!