naughty inks

Dear oh Dear.
I'm struggling so hard with this print!
It just won't work.
I lost so many paper,
too thick, too little, too blurry.
This is the best after 15 prints

I would like to make a lovely night-time print.
I like the idea of a little angel above a little ones bed
to keep them safe and watch over them.

I'll keep practicing!

9 opmerkingen:

sanneke zei

Ik zou er nog wat donkerblauw in gooien denk ik, voor nog een beetje extra contrast. Dat engeltje bovenin is lief!

twitchy fingers zei

Do keep trying! It's wonderful!

anna zei

-zucht- hier ook naughty inks, heb net een shirt naar de filistijnen geholpen.
Ik sluit me aan bij Sanneke, wat donkerder blauw erin, maar hij is erg leuk, vooral de details in het huisje!

Theresa zei

Looks good to me! I miss printmaking. It was so much fun in art school.

Kickcan & Conkers zei

I really like this print, but personally would prefer it without the angel, just me...
Congratulations on being on Bloesem!

Maia zei

Guusje, I have to tell you that I don't know what your problem is with this one. It's my FAVORITE so far. Put it in the shop and I will order it for my Q's room. It's perfect.


What a sweet idea! I hope the inks behave in the future so that you are happy with the result...

joo-expo zei

zwart-grijs-wit misschien?

lief idee, zo boven de bedjes!

Daan (Dan) zei

looks pretty good to me, but then, i don't have your eye for what it should look like...

Love the idea you have - angels above beds... Sweet dreams...