Great, I'll see you then....

and i'll bring.....

and do not forget the babysling, your handbag and husband.....

Family life, hey?

13 opmerkingen:

Patricia zei

Lief plaatje van de kids :)

Have FUN xo

Bichos da Matos zei

Better not forget your husband;) enjoy your week!

isabelle zei

Enjoy !!


Have a good time sweet Guusje!

Maaike zei

Wat een super leuke gehaakte tas! Krijg meteen zin om te gaan haken!

sandra zei

veel plezier! En op pad met kids is altijd een soort van verhuizing.

The Wanderers' Daughter zei

There's a lot of baggage involved, yes! btw Q was carrying your little bag for her easter egg hunt yesterday...pictures soon ;) ox

Annemiek zei

Haha, hoe herkenbaar!! En die luiertas is inderdaad heel erg leuk! Zelf gemaakt?

Marjolijn zei

:0) ! Wanneer kom je?


cabin + cub zei

oh, did you make that barbapapa bag? it is so cute! i love barbapapa! ;)

Dina zei

hehe!!! i can so relate with your pictures ; food for the little baby girl, extra clothes, toys for the brother and sister (in my case) diaper bag (which by the way is so cute !!) and yes yourself the handbag and the husband !! good day and outing to you too :)

Daniela (Dan) zei

i so don't miss that... lugging half the house with you, in case you might forget something (and then realising that you actually did...).
Good luck with all that!!

et lille oejeblik - a little moment zei

aaah, yeah. packing with kids. it's like the smaller they are, the more they need. a little baby seems to just need most of the house.

i hope you enjoyed the week.