I can do with a little health boost.
You know,
the one you manage to do yourself,
the one that sounds like:
'you are what you eat',
'you're worth it, look after yourself'
That kind of thing.....

What is my plan?
I have dusted the juicer.
We have made lovely carrot apple juices,
the children love it too.
Eat more raw vegetables.
(Years ago I was a health freak and seriously felt great eating all those raw things).
And do not forget to sip some liquid wheatgrass in our local juice store once in a while.
Cut down caffeine.
(black tea in my case)
Eat porridge oats every morning or at least 4 times a week.
Great to lower cholesterol and lift your mood.
Be happy
(that is the easiest one, I'm a happy camper by nature)
Spent extra hours wisely.
Rest, relax and enjoy each other without any rush.
No more left over easter eggs made out of chocolate,
substitute for figs and apricots dipped in dark chocolate.
Get friends who have great recipes, tips and ideas for family friendly super foods.
That is where you kick in!
Bring it in, those lovely tips about recipe food blogs.

Who else could do with a health boost?
will you join me?

10 opmerkingen:

pien zei

i would love to join you. not feeling up to it yet.
and that is the reason why i reallllly should...
at the end of this day
looked at yor post a couple of times..
make me change my 'feeling up'
hope so
keep posting sweety!!!


I think it's spring and you see all these vegetables in a different light now as it's getting warmer.

Yes, for a better health and a better taste ; )

moetjatja zei

hah, ik was gister ook al begonnen! In mijn geval gewoon ook minder snoepen ...
Ik kwam laatst op de blog van de NRC, die vond ik wel leuk: http://www.nrcnext.nl/koken/

liefs Hinke enne het kastje was echt superrrrr!

Janina Modaal zei

Wat een gezond stappenplan!
Ikzelf zou dat ook eens moeten doen, maar vaak zakt de moed me in de schoenen wanneer ik denk aan koekjes en ijsjes :).

Ik wens jou alvast veel succes en plezier met je gezonde planning!

Dina zei

HA!! now that is what I need to :
1. become a healthier eater and
2. (now this is harder for me) get back into a good pre-baby shape ....that tummy must go ......so my dear Guusje bring it on I am going to try and join you :)

Luna zei

Ohhh, just found your blog. Love it! Lok forward to seeing more.
Luna x

Annie zei

Morning Guusje! Trouble with dusting the juicer is that it very soon is being washed up every few hours, and that is where the work is! xxx

jane zei

i´m there!

kamielandodille@hotmail.com zei

Ha, ja. Je slaat de spijker op de kop.
Ik wil eigenlijk wel eerst nog die verdomde paaseieren opeten, volgend jaar koop ik er niet meer zo veel.

Annemiek zei

Ik doe met je mee hoor, Guusje!