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'Miniature Worlds'

I just love everything about them.

Today I 'll give you a sneak into the one I'm working on right now,
instead of showing my old post.
Inspiration for my next screen print design
and incredible fun to make.

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Kickcan & Conkers zei

beautiful work!


Very sweet!

XX Nina

Bree zei


Lollipop zei

wonderful idea!
I want more!!!

anna zei


Ritva zei

looks fun!
happy anniversary!

Bichos da Matos zei

wonderful work! Miniature world was my favorite too:) I want to see more!xo

likeschocolate zei

This was a recent post, but I don't know how I missed it. Have a great week.

Unknown zei

your miniture world is beautiful! happy cv-anniversary

Joyce zei

very cute! xo

jane zei

love your style! hugs my dear. p.s. ikea has ice cream?...

Angie Muresan zei

How adorable!

Theresa zei

Very cute!

Jolijn zei

Ziet er super uit!


Daan zei

Wat een fijn kastje, Guuster!
Wij keken vorige week de film Indiaan in het kastje, net zo magisch als jouw exemplaar.


la ninja zei

woo hoo. mooi en zonnig :)

Kenza zei

wondeful! love these as well!

alliot + iza zei

It's lovely!
Thanks for your kind words! I adore Steiner's view on education. Very inspiring. Good to kids. It's preciuos that your kids can be in a Steiner school.
Have a nice weekend.

;) zei

Adorable pictures for the celebration !!!

Francesca zei

It'll look great, I'm sure!

inaluxe zei

Oh that's soooo awesome Guusje! I love it, and congratulations on opening the new shop! Love your style! kisses, K

Dees zei

awwww right back at ya!Love this toooooo!