Corner View: Earth Day

Today was a day,
for what I do best.
Being with my kiddies.
Perfect on Earth day,
don't you think?

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YES, simply the best one can do! Same here and we met a sweet friend and her little son...

Loveforpiemonte zei

Absolutely, but today I went to the doctor with my son of 14. He is not feeling to well, but will be better soon I hope.
Wish you a wonderful week,
Greetz Madelon

Joyce zei

Yes indeed a perfect day any day! xo

Leciawp zei

Sounds perfect to me!

l i s e zei

love this photo booth series
happy earth day every day

Bichos da Matos zei

:) Great day!

anna zei

'we are the world, we are the children....'

Ziet eruit als een lekker dagje :)

Isabelle zei

oh yes, the perfect day !!

Kenza zei

lovely post!

Anoniem zei

Happy Earth Day to you, too! I just had a lovely walk with my dog to celebrate!

P I A zei

Perfect indeed!

Janis zei

Yes! Happy kids and moms make happy people, and happy people are good for the earth :^)

likeschocolate zei

How fun! Love it. Happy Earth day to you too!

mamaayanna zei

Nice photos!! Nice day!

but is Earthday not tomorrow? April 22nd I think at least here in the USA.

It should be earthday every day anyways!

Demara zei

At least you have that excitement on your earth :)

Happy Earth Day!!

From Canada

Demara zei

My cornerview posts are at my other blog: yokoso hehe you found my weight loss blog and commented there which is great, thank-you! My cornerview post is here and is very short: http://www.demarablog.com/2010/04/21/cornerview-earth-day-canada/

Kari zei

absolutely perfect!

Maia zei

Cuuute happy photo! Happy earth day!! ox

Lollipop zei

Jullie zijn heel mooi!