Wall P'animals

I am so proud to present my very first try out from my new series.
(now in shop)

Meet the Wall P'animals!

Of course when I think of things for children,
I am inspired by my own childhood.
Born in '74, of course
my radiators were painted in orange and
was the floor covered with brown carpet.
My mother and I had such fun about it yesterday in the print studio.

The other color combination often found was purple and olive green.
So that will be my other color combination.
Mixed by our teacher, who does a far better job then I, mixing colors.

I'm in love with the messy-ness of this print,
(chalk powder helps me to get the effect)
it just flew straight from of the '70,
don't you think?

I know what will be hanging next to all your gifts on our walls.....
(please be patient, the wall-Arts are safely stored away while we are building our home, they will come out when all is ready to be hung!!!)

13 opmerkingen:

Marjolijn zei

Ze worden steeds meer èchte Guusjes!
Go girl!

zoenen voor vandaag -x-x-x-

Patricia zei

Ja, deze is mooi Guusje!

elsy zei

Deze is heel erg leuk Guus, super dat je nu lekker thuis (in studio) bezig bent met screenprinten!
Dit is vast erg verslavend, niet?

twitchy fingers zei

They are lovely! I have a sofa in exactly those colours and it's from 1974...

Janis zei

I LOVE this, wonderful work!

Daan zei

yeah for the seventies!!

wij gaan onze muur behangen met fijne lijstjes foto's, tekeningen, mussen en daanen enzo, stuur je nog een fijne GuusjesAppel, dan hou ik een plekkie vrij!

*waar is de boormachine?*

n zei

Beautiful art work! Orange is one of my favorite colors!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Bichos da Matos zei

I just love the elephant, and all the trees, amazing shapes! Have a nice week:)

Bichos da Matos zei

I went to the shop and I couldn't find it, do you sell it?

Isabelle zei

Great ... I love it !!

Juniper zei

Great work, you should be pround! I relaly like the colour combination and the animals!!

maaike zei

Prachtige prints en precies de goeie kleuren! helemaal leuk!


jurianne zei

Wat mooi en lekker 'losjes', bravo Guusje!