I used manic colors for this try out.
It's really cool, almost fluor.

This Wall P'animal will be in shop soon in different colors,
keep you posted!

Tiger Woods, behave handsome one!

(If you wonder why my screen prints always look a bit blurry on photographs?
It's because I like to use course grain acrylic paper
It gives them an instant old fashioned look)

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- zei

Grrr wat een lieve stoere tijger in het bos.


Great spring colours!


alliot + iza zei

It is SO beautiful!
Thanks for your words on our blog :)
Have a nice weekend.

Maia zei

Oh , and they look FABULOUS on the shelf! As always, your work puts a big, happy smile on my face! Shine on, darling!

Michaja zei

Dit zal Ilan wel leuk vinden. Die zegt de hele dag niets anders als grrrrrrr!!!