The making of a screen print Guusje's style.

It all starts with a design.
My white paper cut flower field is the base and inspiration of this work,
That left behind us, it's time to move on and work in sketchbook and sheet.
It depends which effect you after what technique is best to use. I decided to use 'pen on sheet' for this design, it gives a scribbly result.
Fine, fragile and a bit wonky.

'Photo film elixir' on the frame,
magic light and you are ready to go off to get some printing done.

I really like multiple color designs,
but I don't have the luxury to work on multiple frames,
So i use good old fashioned tape to blind.
An incredible amount of work !

I mixed a few inks (base, white color pigments and a special liquid to stop the ink from clogging your mesh to quick), quite challenging to get the colors right.

Ink all set to fill up the mesh and print.

You win some, you lose more ;-)

A shower after a few prints is necessary.
This profession is a lot about cleaning up.
I use inks on water base that you can rinse under the tab at home.

Here you can see the scribbly effect. I like it.

And this frame here, is a sneak preview of my next adventure with the girl and the window!
Soon to be shared with the rest of the world,
but I worked so hard the past days,
I will take a few off to get back on track to run this household ;-)

Two of the best prints in this color scheme are for sale in my shop.
Details over there!

11 opmerkingen:

Kickcan & Conkers zei

This is lovely! Well done :)

Juniper zei

Love the print! Cool to see each step as you go!

Marleen zei

Wat een mooie print!
Ik houd wel van deze stijl. Doet me een beetje denken aan de rosttekeningen die ik heb gezien in zweden afgelopen zomer.
Keep up the good work !


Marjolijn zei

Go Guusje!
Op naar je eigen stoffen!
Je eigen behang!

Ik zie ze voor me:

Guusjes plaatjes
Guusjes kussens
Guusjes gordijnen
Guusjes behang

Woehéé!! -x-x-x-

Saskia zei

The girl and the window... Wauw.. zo mooi...
Die wil ik zo al boven mn bedje!


Great and thank you to show us how you work...

jane zei

that was so interesting. you have no idea how much i want to try this. thanks! p.s. um... i love your bathroom floor tiles:)

Karin zei

Wat gaaf, je maakt ze door te zeefdrukken! Daar heeft mijn paps lang geleden les in gegeven. Ik zeb zelfs toen in 10 werd een 'zeefdrukfeestje' gegeven. Zelf onze t-shirts en stickers drukken ;-))

Margreta, zei

Wat ontzettend leuk om te zien de verschillende stappen!

Maia zei

Oh, a whole story in a print! My husband and I took a screen printing class when we first moved down to the city, and we had so much fun!

Hermine zei

Wauw, het ziet er echt heel erg leuk uit. Wat zou ik graag eens een kijkje bij je komen nemen !