Corner View: 'Miniature worlds' (but now understand it should have been about coffee!)

I love miniature worlds

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anna zei

freakin'awesome :)!

Juniper zei

Oh my heavens, did you make this?! Very cool!

Anoniem zei

wow! dat is echt enorm vet!

missvanham zei

wonder schoon!

WierHier zei

betoverend mooi!

joo-expo zei

en lief

Kickcan & Conkers zei


Daan zei

mooi guus! doe jij volgende week koffie ;-)

Kaylovesvintage zei

pretty...a bit like nightmare before christmas

et lille oejeblik - a little moment zei

this is awesome! so creative and magic. and i am sure you can find great coffee companions in miniature worlds like this :)

Barbaramama zei

Wat betoverend mooi Guus! En die koffie denken we er wel bij.. ;))

Bichos da Matos zei

Wonderful world, forget about coffee, you can do it next week!;)

Janina Modaal zei

Waaw, echt gek!
Heb je dat helemaal zelf gemaakt?
Ik vind het echt superschattig en lief.

Francesca zei

Did you make it? One of the most beautiful worlds I've ever seen.


Looking wonderful!

jane zei

this is awesome!!

Kenza zei

lovely lovely lovely!

Jikkes zei


Belinda zei

ik vind het echt adembenemend prachtig!

Bree zei

who cares about coffee?!
as long as you post some lovely special worlds..

Guusje zei

Thank you so much! I made it yesterday, It's so cool to do! I know many more will follow.

at Hanna zei

So nice, I posted it over at my place
with a link to you ; )

Nelleke zei

Oh wat leuk!
Ken jij het werk van Helen Musselwhite? Daar zou ik zo graag een mereltje van kopen...


jurianne zei

Wooow, what a sweet dream world! Reminds me of the paper world of 4th Estate, called: 'This is where we live'. http://vimeo.com/2295261

Thanks for reveiling your mini-world to us!

likeschocolate zei

You arr just ahead of the rest of us. Way to go. I love it!

Maia zei

Oh my gosh, these are pure dreamland! I LOOOOVE this! Now I want to make some for my daughter...but I am afraid I'll have to wait until she is no longer in her "ripping paper" stage;)

Heck with the coffee...this is my favorite post yet!

Kari zei

this is so very cool. I love it.

Theresa zei

So cool! Unique and intimate.

Nicola zei

no one will be able to top you next week. this is SO cool!

Michaja zei

Helemaal super de super mooi!!! Ik ben onder de indruk.

Conny zei

Yes, very awesome! That is soooo creative. I think I could stare into that box all day long - there's so much to see.

gardenmama zei

**loooooooove this**

MUS zei

wat een fijne wereld!

erika zei

wat moooi!!

Joel Henriques zei

This is amazingly great. I love it!