I am busy designing for my two newly bought silk screen frames.

With all this irresistible furniture waiting to be filled,
we have lots of little stages.

I wish I was Alice for one day,
so I could walk around in paper land!
Maybe it's time to cut out a little house,
a little bed
and some tiny papers and cutters
to make another stage
in this little stage.

17 opmerkingen:


So beautiful, featherly and light - your paper design looks great again!

joo-expo zei

het ziet er in elk geval al uit als een sprookje!
mooi dat wit op wit, hout en papier en mooie schaduwen!

hinke zei

ik zou het zo laten, het ziet er heel mooi uit!

Juniper zei

I love the play with fine edges and shadow in your "small stages" very nice my dear.
Any chance a small package has arrived?

Theresa zei

You lucky girl to be printmaking! Come see me and hear Annabel sing!

Isabelle zei

beautiful ... I just love it !!

Michaja zei

Mooi zeg! En vooral ook knap gedaan Guusje!

Francesca zei

So, so beautiful ... both the paper cuttings and how you displayed them!

at swim-two-birds zei

hé, wat mooi in die witte kast!

Grietje zei

Mooi! Errug leuk gedaan zeg!

Janis zei

These are really fun and I like the stage setting (cabinet) too!

Kenza zei

Guusje these are really magical!

jane zei

these are freaking awesome!

Fine Little Day zei

Looks fun and beautiful!

muzemaminka zei

Wow, erg inspirerend, wat een verfijning en subtiliteit, ik kan er eindeloos naar kijken.

elianne zei


MiMa zei

Wow. That´s really wunderful! Wishes from Berlin, MiMa