Corner View: Menu al dia!

The sad truth is: I don't have a clue what's cooking in restaurants right now....

And I won't find out soon. I don't mind. I would love to have a cook around though. Anyone?

If I had a hour to myself I'd rather do this instead of eating out. But I don't believe we had an option, did we?
Ah well, there's nothing wrong with a bit of 'make your own happiness on your blog', is there?

Lots of love, People around the world!

A rainy greet from Holland.

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Daan zei

We gaan snel eens uit eten in Dordrecht, Guusje!


Bree zei

psies guus!

heerlijke fotooow!
heeerlijk lezen...
mooi boek he?!
[heb je het 6e zintuig van haar gelezen...?! doen!]


Yes yes yes, a cook! He does all the shopping and will surprise us with a meal every day - YES! That's a big dream of me and a friend - so let's win the Lottery!


Kaylovesvintage zei

hey sweetie

pretty photo...

missvanham zei

Ooh genieten is dit :*)

Patricia zei

Nog een beetje ziekjes?
Op je blog mag je lekker doen, waar jij zin in hebt!

jane zei

sending you love back from spain.... and yes a personal chef does sound good... besos!

tikjewit zei

ja, herkenbaar; het wel-weer-eens-uit-eten-willen, of uberhaupt een stukje tijd voor een Ikje, maar ook Anna, Hanna en Johanna van Fredrikson (één van mijn favoriete schrijfsters!) en wat een relaxte foto... ;-)

Francesca zei

I'd love to have a cook too. Even just a part-time cook would do me!

Juniper zei

Pretty photo of you my dear! Carve out a small bit of time on the weekends if you can, In Winchester I had two hours Saturday morning to read the paper alone with a coffee and it was BLISS. Simple pleasures.
p.s. Been busy sewing for your wee ones, can't wait to send off the package!!

anna zei

volgens mij heb jij helemaal geen kok nodig ;)Hoop dat je snel aan lezen toekomt! Enjoy..

Conny zei

Relaxing at the beach - what a wonderful picture. Corner View is sending you food right now so you won't go hungry there at the beach. Ha, ha.

Cheers ~ Conny

Guusje zei

Zullen we doen, Daan!

I once read about a ayurvedic cook you could hire, wow, that would be my dream! She cooked fantastic healthy meals three times a day. Yahoo!

Palmer and Co zei

So great! I agree!