Corner View: favorite dish

I crochet you the finest cup of tea!
Both my favorites!

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jipie zei

mooi !!

zou nogal passen bij de theepot die mijn jongste krijgt van sinterklaas

Janina Modaal zei

Moooooooooh, reuze-schattig!

Conny zei

Very beautiful, fun, and so clever. Now I think I need one of those small honey cakes from the bakker in Deventer - I can't recall the name of them at the moment.

Happy Corner View Day. ~ Conny
(mine won't post until Midnight my time)

Joyce zei

This is the cutest teacup!! I love this dish. xo

Francesca zei

Fantastic! By the way, I've been crocheting away little trees for blankets, like the ones you posted. Trouble is, I don't have nice enough yarns.

Juniper zei

God these are great! Very cute!! YOu are the master crocheter!

Daan zei

Ah, wat een liefje, ik zie je straks al met Mevr. Poppy op High Tea!


missvanham zei

wat een dotje

jane zei

really? you made that... and the spoon! i love it! besos!

Bree zei

helemaal superdepuper!

[ga je een heul servies maken? met taartjes en al? aardbeitjes.. suikerklontjes, jam... brownies.. hihi ]

caramelcaramelo zei

how lovely! tea also a favorite of mine. kenza.

Kaylovesvintage zei

did you make that one,looks wonderful

Patricia zei

Mooi koppetje!!!
Ga door ;)

Marjolijn zei

Daar gaan we een theetje uit drinken! Ik breng koekjes mee:-)

Tot bijna, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Isabelle zei

adorable ... I love it !!

Kari zei

I love your creation and the color is just perfect.


I will come over for a cup of tea, OK?

XX Nina

anna zei

Wedgewood is er niks bij :)echt leuk gemaakt!

Maia zei

Your talent never ceases to delight!

Palmer and Co zei

Oh!! Too cute for words! Little Poppy is going to adore this!

Anoniem zei

Joli travail !!! is it your work ??? Fantastic !

;) zei

hoooooo !! It's nice !! A sweet idea !!!

lucylaine zei


l i s e zei

lovely work

la ninja zei

hats off to your tea cup!
echt lief, zeg!

Nihal zei

Ahh so creative little piece of art! Is it green (herbal) tea that you like much than other types of it?

A day without having a cup of tea is uncompleted day for me. Happy CV'ing & Best wishes-

onegoldensun zei

Love your dish! So perfect and sweet!


Shaista zei

Wow this is amazing! I have to show my mother :) We have many crocheted things in our home but nothing as inventive and clever and joyful as this!!

Unknown zei

definitely a double favourite! So cute!