Corner View: Contrast

It's amazing what a bunch of contrasting colors can add to this world!
(picture made on holiday while we lived in England)

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Dorte zei

Yes ... those colors are beautiful! Have a nice day!

Bree zei


doet bijna pijn aan den oogen

wel erg tof!

Patricia zei

Oeh, wat een mooi glas in lood!!
Het is altijd geweldig om te zien wat kleuren constraterende kleuren met elkaar doen!

sanneke zei

Wow, wat een knalkleurtjes!

Joyce zei

I LOVE this contrast of colors!! xo

Kari zei

wow - that looks beautiful.

Janina Modaal zei


Maia zei

What a beautiful shot. I love stained glass against stone.

Demara zei

yup, lots of contrasts there!

Elly zei

wow wat ene geweldige kleuren , helemaal super

;) zei

Beautiful !!! Nice illustration ;)

la ninja zei

stained glass is gorgeous and the contrast fab (also the shadows it casts on church floors...)

jane zei

so true... and beautiful! hugs guusje! hope all is well!

april zei

a colorful life is all we need! i remembered you when i was under the shower and i kept the cold tap open (for a few seconds ;-) have a wonderful friday. send you a lot of energy*

Palmer and Co zei


Juniper zei

Oh it is a rainbow of such bright colours! Still not sure what this corner view is all about. Is there a different theme with it every week?
Enjoy the start to the weekend my dear!
x J

Ian zei

It's so difficult to photograph stained glass windows. You did a good job there.

likeschocolate zei


Unknown zei

oh God !!! too many contrast here !!! Have a great w.e. !

Cate zei

incredible picture. radiant colors. mmm.