Corner View


My big dream, apart from growing old in good health with my family and to be a good friend to loved ones, is to become the artist who I would like to be.
But dear, oh dear, are we still a long way from that......

I would love to write children's books
made with beautiful drawings and pictures.

I would love to feel confident enough to make textile stuff
you actually can sell.

I would love to be able to have access to a print studio

I would love to master more complicated knitting machines

I would love to....

I would love to.....


a lot of loves!



32 opmerkingen:

Elizabeth zei

Lovely corner view, and thank you for commenting on my blog! I wish all your dreams to come true...

Di zei

It sounds like a great dream - family, friends and creativity! Love it!

elsbeth zei

Ja, dat zijn fijne dromen!

Misschien is dit nog een idee, even met het trammetje...


Daan zei

fijne dromen en met de tijd, je zal het zien!

et lille oejeblik - a little moment zei

those are good dreams! and i hope you will follow them and make them come true. you are such a creative and talented person from what i see here.

happy day to you :)

;) zei

I wish you to live your dreams !!! They are beautiful !

Bonnie zei

no shortage of dreams here !! i hear you .. so many dreams !!

Marjolijn zei

Fijne dromen komen altijd uit, je zal het zien!


Marjolijn zei

(Oh Daan, twee zielen één gedachte :-) Zo zie je maar Guus, je fabriekje gaat er van komen!)

-x- tot gauw!!!!

Janina Modaal zei

Wat een mooie dromen heb je nog, Guusje.
Ooit komen ze uit, je hebt er alvast het talent voor.

Geniet ondertussen alvast van de dromen in je hoofd!

Bree zei

i would love to too

supermooiplaatje jij gemaakt?

Guusje zei

Nee hoor, schandelijk van het net geplukt....

Kees zei

dat gaat lukken hoor, met al die dromen. liefs, Kees


Dear Guusje, very sweet!

I have a little challenge for you on my blog, so if you have fun doing it as well, you are warmly welcome!

Big hug, Nina

Theresa zei

Do you have a sketchbook where you can glue in images that inspire you and draw, doodle, collage, etc.?

Guusje zei

Thanks Elsy-vis!
ik ga er eventjes kijken!

I do have several sketchbooks, but they are catching dust right now. Thank you for reminding me to get them out and start using them again.

la lune dans le ciel zei

... and I'm sure you get to do many things ... you have talent and you're a wonderful person even if I do not know you ...

Isabelle zei

I wish all your "loves" will come true ...

Grietje zei

Dat dromen uit mogen komen ;-)

Lieve groet,

onegoldensun zei

Beautiful dreams that you have! They sound much like my own hopes, but I take such baby steps. Wishing you courage to follow your dreams!

sanneke zei

Misschien moest je de zolder maar eens op. Je stoute schoenen zoeken.

caitlin zei

Love all of your dreams. So whimsical. I think you're a great artist!

kristina - no penny for them zei

i'm always finding, the moment you write down a dream, it starts becoming true. :)

Maia zei

A worthy dream, and judging from your creativity here, I think it's within your reach!

Ritva zei

i wish that all your dreams will come true!

Cate zei

such beautiful dreams! i know you can do it... the children's illustrator sounds amazing. keep going....

MUS zei

dit zijn fijne. ik droom met je mee ;)

Juniper zei

It's in you all of these things and given the chance am certain you will make some, if not all of these dreams come true my dear. One at a time I suppose. By the way - you have a small surprise awaiting you over at capers and olives.

malo zei

I share your dream. But I do live my dream since I write my stories and draw them even if nobody else except my family sees them.

Francesca zei

I love your list of loves, especially the textiles and print studio!

Palmer and Co zei

Yes, I hope your dreams do come true! Somehow, I know they will!

la ninja zei

well, it is just great how your dreams are your loves and your loves your dreams... that'll make it easier to get there, the joy they give you :)

mooi, vind ik het, dat je zo veel leuke dromen hebt :)