30 days of happiness


Since we go to our little Waldorf school,
I experience some flashbacks to my childhood.
Happy memories.
I remember my mom wearing her famous purple dungarees.
We, making sculptures from real clay
baking breads.
At one time we even had a Macramé design hanging on our wall.

One of the first days going to school,
I asked my mother to join us to bring the boys.
We had good fun,
it brought us back some time.
People rapped in tied-dyed clothes,
children with 'home cut' fringes,
wait, could we even smell some
beautiful home made bread?
I swear those wooden toys are at least my age.

We love our new school!

So in honor of the old,
here in the present!

Wouldn't it be great if I could tell you that the paint is made from blueberries!
I can't, but see me in a few years!!!!

8 opmerkingen:

Maia zei

I so hope to be able to send my daughter to a Waldorf school...they're quite expensive here, so it's not easy!

Guusje zei

To be honest, I was a bit shocked about the money as well. I found out it was 'voluntary', so we pay what we think is suitable and what we can miss on a annual basis.
But again, it is a lovely school. Do youu know a lot about Steiner?
Big X guusje

Marjolijn zei

Gáve tassies Guus!

Go Kiefer!

And Waldorf: YEAHHH!


Bree zei

sounds pre''y ni-ise..... !

Grietje zei

Dat klinkt als een heerlijke plek. Een plek waar je je thuis kunt voelen :)

Grietje zei

Oooh, bijna vergeten waarom ik hier even langs kwam.....
Je hebt de bloemen gewonnen!

Guusje zei

Ohhhh, dank je Grietje!!!!

april zei

you went to waldorf school? so funny, me too :-) and now my children are there. they are happy and like it a lot, they are in class 7 now. it's a lot of money for me, but it's worth of it. it's a school where also the parents feel conected i think. next year d. starts with school and then after a while also e. looking forward to it.