Scotland was amazingly beautiful

 We've seen the knights
kissed the Princess
searched for Nessy
walked the woodlands
fell in love with Glasgow

But most of all
we felt at home
in the UK

See you soon



12 opmerkingen:

Roos zei

Glasgow rocks! Klinkt heerlijk allemaal, bijna jammer dat je weer thuis bent? :-)

pien-duzz zei

ohw.. boffers!
en nu weer afkicken thuis...
heb je genoeg thee meegenomen ;)?!


Hannah Nunn zei

you were so close! well kind of! Next time visit Hebden Bridge. xxx

Juniper zei

Welcome back! Glad you enjoyed your trip, we have very fond memories of trips to Scotland too.

Guusje zei

Loads of tea!!!!

I will, Hannah!!!


Marjolijn zei

And she is back! Joepwoeiiii I wanna seeeeeeee youuuuu! xxxxx

Marjolijn zei

Ps...and your work...ohhhhh my <3 <3 <3

The Wanderers' Daughter zei

And look at the creativity it inspired in you! Your work is just poetic.

Anki zei

Welkom thuis, fijn dat jullie het zo leuk hadden!

Grietje zei

Welkom thuis^_^
Prachtig wat je gemaakt hebt!

Cassy zei

Enjoy in there.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Kaylovesvintage zei

thats good to hear my gran lives in Scotland