We have a new thing around here

It comes with
a whole language too
flex, trucks & pumping, sliding

girls like me
will never 
get those words right
but hey
I'm boarding
cool enough, 
don't you think?

Happy holidays!

15 opmerkingen:

@nne zei

Heel cool! Alle vier! En zo lief hoe Poppy haar knuffel echt niet loslaat!

Dina zei


Janina Modaal zei

Amai, zeker heel cool!
Geniet van de wind in de haren!

Roos zei

Roze allstars? Cool :-D

p.s. vind je zwevende afbeeldingen in je header toppp!

Marjolijn zei

Ghihi en het zinnetje: 'Allez et is unnuh VROUW!' Had er nog bij gemoeten!
Kiefer rules! Hij kan het ook! xxxxx voor alle mooie Delftsjes!!!

April zei

So cool.
I love that last video...figuring out how to hold the bear while boarding- so sweet.


YEP you're doing a great job Mummy! And the kids do so as well, so sweet how they all work out their different way of riding it.

Hiskia zei

Hip!! En inderdaad: die All Stars maken het af ;-)

Juniper zei

eLooks fun! My little brother was and is an avid skater and so all that lingo brings back the memories!! I was never so good but that long board looks easier to master!

la ninja zei

profs all of you :)

Anoniem zei

Knap!! En Poppy die de knuffel toch echt niet loslaat :)

Wien zei

That was me.

Noni zei

Awesome! :)

Theresa zei

I have so missed your blog!! Come say hi and see what Skylar is doing. she is starring in a new interactive webshow for kids and teens.

Isabelle zei

it looks like fun ... I would love to try this !!