Corner View: House Corner's

At the end of the day,
this little witch
gets her broom
and starts swiping the floor.
Amazing what you find
in those corners!

18 opmerkingen:

caramelcaramelo zei

oh! i love this corner... so many nice things! thanks for your visit and your kind words. i really like your blog. kenza.

Else zei

Onze schatkamer van verloren spullen bevind zich onder de bank! Wat ik daar allemaal vind!!


Can you send the witch along?

XX Nina

Belinda zei

wij hebben een enorme kast van de kringloopwinkel, knalrood gemaakt door mij, daar word 's avonds alles ingepropt en dan doen we snel de deur dicht.
dat laat ik maar liever niet zien!

l i s e zei

nice and funny!

anna zei

:) het einde van een goede dag zo te zien..

Sandra zei

ha ha dit is ook zo'n beetje mijn opruim methode...

Francesca zei

I do feel a little witchy too -- but then, the following day it's all back in its earlier play mode!

april zei

i like your corners. and yes, i need also a a witch please. happy day*

alliot + iza zei

Such a lovely corner!
Thanks for dropping by our blog.
Have a nice day!

Maartje zei

hihi :)

jane zei

haha! can i say, even your broom is the coolest! besos!

;) zei

Ha ha !! I like your corner !!!

et lille oejeblik - a little moment zei

lol! my dad is visiting - and he does exactly the same: he uses the broom to collect toys and whatever in the evening after the kids are off to bed. it is a brilliant idea.

the other day i was with the twins visiting a friend of their. they wanted to play with lego and before they started his mom took out a huge blanket, put it on the floor and emptied the lego onto that. when they were done she just collected the blanket and poured all the lego back in the box. again i thought it was abrilliant idea :)

Kaylovesvintage zei

you are so sweet

Heather Moore zei

Love your sweet blog, and thanks so much for your comment at Skinny laMinx.

Fox & Locket zei

Your blog is lovely!

Palmer and Co zei

Ha! So cute! Are you for hire?