Coffee table magazines

Knitted, felted and sewed together.

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jane zei

so cool! i love it in white. warm hugs!

caramelcaramelo zei

so lovely! thanks for your visit and kind comments for both blogs. have a wonderful christmas and new year you and your family! it will be your little one first christmas, same with little caramel. kenza

Anoniem zei

Oooh, weer zo'n leuk idee, ik doe hier echt veel inspiratie op! Love it! Groetjes, Marjet

Unknown zei

very cool, thanks for sharing!!

Anoniem zei

Leuk idee hoor! Ook een mooie laptoptas.

et lille oejeblik - a little moment zei

this is beautiful. when you say felted, how big exactly did you knit the white in the first place?

Guusje zei

Almost cot size, Trinsch!

liset zei

Heel heel gaaf!!

Anoniem zei

zo eenvoudig schoon

mapi zei

I love this item, it is so pure, simple and clever… bravo !