Corner View: My true self

When I wake up, I look like this at the moment:
With a little time to myself, I turn in this beauty:

At four o'clock, I turn into the Goddess:

At night time, and ladies and gentleman, please don't reveal this secret my sons, I am Mega Mindy!

I wonder what you look like, my dear CV friends......

Tomorrow morning, I will draw a Potato Kiss winner!

17 opmerkingen:

Marjolijn zei

Hi hi, Barbamama...

Ik ga je zien en kijk uit naar al jouw zelfs :D

-x- Marjolijn


Very sweet picturing of yourself!

I think every Mom has something of every single Picture (except for the beautiful kitchen queen maybe due to a lack of sleep).

All the best


Guusje zei

That's right, Nina!

Bonnie zei

ha ha !!! this post makes me laugh !

sanneke zei

Wat?! Ben jij Mega Mindy?? Ik zal het Nisse maar niet verklappen!

kristina - no penny for them zei

fabulous! nice to meet you, mega mindy! :)

Simone zei

Wat een spannend leven heb jij...

Elizabeth zei

That second photo is actually me --

Palmer and Co zei

Ha! The BEST!!

Happy Day, Mega Mindy!!

wietske zei

ha ha! mega mindy viel net naast de bladzijde dus ik had van alles verwacht maar dit niet!

la lune dans le ciel zei

Nine love Barbamama and her family!But told me! ...you're a complete and perfect woman!;)

Janina Modaal zei


Ik stuurde je een email, kijk je eens?
Dan stuur ik je morgen de stoflapjes :o).


Cate zei

guusje, you are the cutest! great narrative.

april zei

guusje, i'm in love with every person inside and outside you! wonderwoman. and i'm really looking forward to the potato kissing event:-)

Jodi zei

great post. mindy! ha! love the blanket - wonderful colors!

jane zei

haha! i love ypu sense of humor! besos!

Unknown zei

Great ! and funny !! It makes me smile !