Forever Summer

Exactly fourteen weeks ago,
the Twenty First of March,
when the church told us it was midnight,
the five of us woke up.
Not from terror, 
not because we were scared,
but we heard a sound.
A sound we'd never, ever heard before.

The children's eyes began to twinkle, 
they are much better in these things, you know.
They ran off to the nearest window,
but couldn't see a thing.
The moon was behind a big cloud,
no light to be found in the surrounding area.

'We'll wait for the morning', the oldest said. 
Fine by the little one, 
who was already staring at his cozy bed.

The next morning,
when the children woke up,
they went straight away to the garden.
The grass still a bit chilly and wet,
they looked everywhere.

'What are you doing?' Mum asked.
'You'll see', the busy bees answered. 
But she was already off to do her housework.

And there it was.
They found it!
Proof of what they already knew in their hearts.

'She must be a girl and not too young', the clever one said.

And he was right, who else would eat strawberries with cutlery?

Every morning, for fourteen weeks long,  
the boys went outside to look in the garden.
For evidence, tracks and little messages,
from their Rose fairy
And every day they found something.
Sometimes she left tiny little footprints,
sometimes even a little sign to say hello.

But not this morning.

Her tracks were nowhere to be found.
No breadcrumbs.
No footprints.
No nothing.

They knew what happened,
The Rose fairy went to find herself a fresh garden.
The flowers in the boys' garden were nearing the end of their lives.
The beautiful colors weren't that bright anymore.
The soil was getting exhausted,
the berries eaten.

'She must be on her way to fly the other end of the world,
so she can be in a spring garden again', the clever one continued. 

The boys felt so sad. 
Not for themselves (this time),
but for The Rose Fairy,
who would never call a garden her home.

The clever one knew exactly what to do,
to give The Rose fairy a home all year around.
And so they start picking the last of their flowers.
To make sure their Rose fairy would come back some day,
to call their home, her home too.

They gave her forever summer.

19 opmerkingen:

Juliane | Fröken Skicklig zei

Oh, oh, Guusje, such a warmhearting story... Thank you so much for joining the challenge again - I just love your beautiful ideas!

A warm hug to you, the boys (+man) and Littlelittle ;-)

liset zei

Wauw.. ik ben er helemaal stil van. Zooooo mooi! En met zulke prachtige foto's erbij. Wauw, wauw!

- zei

Jeetje wat mooi. Mag ik jou hoofd nog even lenen om nog kans te maken haha.

Guusje zei

This was just for fun, Jane, of course someone else will be the lucky one, I'm sure!

- zei

Nou Guusje als je hem zou winnen dan heb je hem meer dan verdiend hoor, echt prachtig.


Dear Guusje,

what a sweet story! You are sooooooo creative. You should win AGAIN!

la lune dans le ciel zei

les photos sont belles and the story too!

Isabelle zei

love your fairy tale ... what a sweet story ...

sanneke zei

Ah, Guusje, wat mooi!

Marjolijn zei

I'm sure the little fairy will look over her shoulder, spread her brisky wings and return to her lovely forever summer garden home...

-x- M

Bree zei

tizzhelemaal zzuperprachtig..

Vacskamati zei

I love that photo with the strawberry with cutlery in it. :D
Lovely story and lovely idea! :)

Simone zei

Mooi...ze gaven haar de zomer...
hier wil ik wel over gaan dromen, dus ga ik mijn computer uit doen en slapen...dromen over the Rose Fairy...

Esti zei

such a wonderful story. And I love those bottled flowers. Magic!

april zei

a very special idea with the flowers in the bottles. just lovely. and i liked your watermelon comment on fröken skickligs blog. made me smile. wish you a happy day*

gardenmama zei

I came to your blog via Froken Skicklig...
Oh, your photos and your writing is so gorgeous!! I wanted the story to never end, so lovely to find such inspiration here! Enjoy your summer : )

Guusje zei

Thank you so much, all you nice girls!!!!

MUS zei

mooi gedn guusje

jane zei

this really is magical! happy week!