Corner View : Street Fashion

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MUS zei

:-{)) !

basiclabelSweden zei

Via,via natuurlijk, wat heb je bijzondere fotos erop staan, leuk zo!

Isabelle zei

I looooooooooooooove it !!!

susan zei


shayndel zei

These are great fun. I love how you took fashion to the street. All of our streets should be so happy and well accessorized!

Unknown zei

Bravo ! Very original post ! It makes me smile ; )

kristina - no penny for them zei

lol! i particularly like that street post with the charming loo-roll-dress hat. so much style, i can hardly bear it! :)

anna zei

geweldig :)!

MyrtilleD zei

So cute all these little clothes hanged in the street! I love the eco toilet, and the 3rd picture too.
Thanks for your visit, have a good day


You're great! What a fantastic idea and it must have been fun to make it and see the people looking amazed and wondering "what is the woman with the sweet belly doing??".

Francesca zei

This is a great street fashion post!

Susan zei

Maar dan ook meteen alles uit de kast!

Janina Modaal zei

Heel erg leuk gedaan!

Joyce zei

This is so sweet and creative! Your little ones are adorable too!! xoxo

jane zei

my mouth is still open.... loooove it! besos!

Palmer and Co zei

Oh, this is so great!! So clever! Love it!

Happy Day!

Bonnie zei

you are so very creative. i love every.single.one of these photos !!!

Jeanette zei

Wauw, leuk bedacht zo!

sanneke zei

Heb jij je even lekker uitgeleefd! :)

Bree zei

heeel errug zztoenkie!! :))

Allison zei

Very creative! I espcially like the bench with boots... ha!

Unknown zei

So creative! I love it!

Daan zei

De bank is zo fijn!

Patricia zei

Heel creatief (is volgens mij al 10 keer gezegd)
Oké iets anders dan...FORMIDABLE!!

Jennifer zei

The boots on the bench made me laugh!!
Wonderful, creative post over-all!

Lisa zei

This is so clever!!! What cutie pie kids you have.

Lisa :)

Simone zei


april zei

i'm in love with your street fashion post. so many wonderful ideas to present fashion. thank you*

la lune dans le ciel zei

Street wears great clothes !!
It's very funny !

onegoldensun zei

Lovely sense of humor! Such fun photos! Thanks for the smile.

Guusje zei

Thank you all for your nice comments, It makes me feel very happy!

I've been enjoying so many great posts from around the globe!

I wonder what everybody will make of Music next week!

Have a great day, Lots of Love, Guusje

Marjolijn zei


Kiefers haar! Geweldig!!!!

-x- Marjolijn

Ani zei

ha ha! perfect...

Caitlin Selle zei

Wow! So creative!! I love it. Great job.

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Jeannette zei

Goh...kun je alsjeblieft mijn straat komen aankleden! Wat een feest! ;)