We are the happiest persons in the whole world today, 

no, we didn't solve world poverty,
no, didn't win not the lottery......
nope, no newborn yet! 

We have won a beautiful Princess!

Don't you think sometimes the simple things in life makes you the happiest?
Aren't we lucky little monsters?

Thank you, dear Juliane, you have made us very, very happy.

PS. Don't forget to read Juliane's enchanting story and maybe, one day, treat your little princes or princesses with a little custom handmade doll!

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liset zei

Wat leuk!! Gefeliciteerd!!

Juliane | Fröken Skicklig zei

Guusje, to raise your boys with warmth and joy so that they can give warmth and joy to others is already a start to change the world, don´t you think?

I will of course write my adress on the package (in case the princess cannot find her new castle and has to return to her old home).

Right now I am packing for you ;-)
And for more private conversation you can use my email frokenskicklig (@) gmail.com

Sunny greetings!

Guusje zei

Thank you, Juliane!

MUS zei

mooi, wat een geluksvogels!