Serious cheering up stuff.

Do you know these days, that all is too much? That all chores of the day become a burden?

Well, that's how I felt the last few days.

So tired from the building activities, a two year old who decided not to listen at bedtime (I won't call names, you might guess).

So, time to put the blanket aside for a moment and make something to cheer us up.

Of course I suffer from serious nestling, so cosy and comforting comes from hardcore Arts (I start to miss my normal interests instead of the baby ones, so good news, it will be back in no time!).

But for now, Meet this very tall cutie-pie. She will be our Miss Sunshine for the day.

PS. If you got a cheery comment left, please, don't keep it inside! Leave us a pick me up!

Big Kisses, Guusje

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Juniper zei

What a lovely gal is your tallest new addition!
Know how you feel, having a bit of that sort of week as well..... the hum drum of keeping up with the house and keeping three smalls cheery and not egging each other on at moments feels a bit much. Luckily - treats like iced coffee and music (not kid picked) helps brighton the mood. Wish we lived closer!
Would love to invite you over for a cuppa (or some fig ice cream).
x x J

vermiljoen zei

Wat een een mooie pop! hier eentje van 1 die weigert te slapen; ben dus ook doodmoe, maar ga straks behangpapier kopen, dat zal mij vrolijk maken.

Patricia zei

XOXO dikke KNUFFEL van mij!!

ps. ik heb een linkje op m'n blog gezet ;)


Dear Guusje,

I know what you feel like. But you know you're doing a great job and the little ones will be listening again soon (at least that's my hope for mines).

Enjoy the sunshine, every single moment that is just for you and eat loads of watermelons....

Take care,


liset zei

Ohhh wat vervelend dat je je de laatste dagen wat minder voelde.. Kan me wel heeeeel goed voorstellen dat deze Miss Sunshine de boel weer opvrolijkt! Wow wat een tofferd! Zo mooi ook al die lieve details! En wat een mooie muts!

Marjolijn zei

So Watermellybelly needs some real mail!
It's coming up!
And for now something silly:

Ik ken
Ik kan
Kennen,kunnen en kannen.

Nee geen kannen.
Maar kannen kunnen
en kennen kannen?

Kannen kunnen kennen,
als kannen mensen waren dan.

Maar kennen kannen kunnen?

Ik denk
dat ik het niet



Kusje voor vandaag dan maar! Marjolijn

Karin van Dam zei

What a lovely doll. I bet you smile everytime you see her, don't you?

I know how you feel. On days like these, there is not much more to do than just give in. Curl up on the couch, make yourself a nice cupe of tea (or let someone make it for you), surround yourself with magazines, a computer, books or de remote control, play some silly games with the little one and just let go of everything that doesn't really have to happen NOW.

Easier said than done, huh?

Hope you'll feel more energetic and cheery soon.

x Karin (en waarom zit ik eigenlijk in het Engels tegen je te kletsen? :-))

Unknown zei

wat een knapperd!

isolde zei

I love her stupid smile. Not a care in the world.

missvanham zei

och och wat is het popje lief................................

......... en jij ook!! xxen

gardenmama zei

Many blessings to you and big hugs from me dear Guusje! I am sorry to hear your feeling down, may your days be filled with the warmth of the sun your vases be overflowing with flowers, may sweetness and hugs fill your week!

Guusje zei

Thank you so much for your warmth and comments!

I feel a lot better already!
I had a good night sleep, filled my house with flowers and I'm planning to do nothing today.

Lots of love, Guusje

knofje zei

Li'll miss sunshine is prachtig! Een echt zonnetje voor de donkere dagen..
even een digitale knuffel en hopelijk voel je je snel beter x

Vanessa zei

prachtig haakwerk, zuuuperblog!!!, ik zet hem in mijn favorieten...

Maia zei

O LOVE this, and it definitely made me smile today! Miss sunshine indeed!